Products and services

GoShrink’s protection

Goshrink’s durability is incomparable to our competition. An modern, advanced technology is used, making its mark amongst many of our clients and partners. GoShrink’s protection is heat-shrinkable and offers high-quality results. It is weather-resistant and thanks to a versatile strategy, our products can be tailored to your needs. Entirely composed of resin, GoShrink’s material is durable and its environment-friendly formula is perfect for all your projects.

Our advantages :

  • High-quality shrink wrap material
  • Welded joints for an entirely-sealed environment
  • Complete care will bring you peace of mind
  • Personalized products and custom-design
  • Recyclable materials
  • High quality performance and knowledge for your specific industry
  • 24/7 service
  • Recognized in northern regions and remote areas

Our services

Industrial :

Temporary shelters, delimitation areas, weatherproofing, environmental protection, shrink wrap services or temporary ceiling, buildings or shipping.

Commercial :

Prefabricated housing, containers, vehicles, income-generating establishments or generators, electric buildings, workpieces, non-standard equipment, bridge cranes, tractors, operator’s cabin and more.

Construction :

Jobsite protection, fall protection, temporary work shelters to protect employees against weather conditions, scaffolding, complete building covering.

Events :

Shed separation, inner overlap or warehouse, barns, stages, etc.

Natural element and environment :

Soil decontamination covering against spreading, delimited areas, etc.

Maritime :

Temporary shelters for repair or modification of large-sized ships, equipment protection or sea transport

Mining and railroad :

Temporary shelters for large-sized equipment repair, work seclusion for against possible toxic environments, weather or other.

And more!

Our products :

  • Heat shrink film offered in multiple dimensions, thicknesses, transparencies and colours
  • Heat shrink film construction grade (flame retardant)
  • Pallet bags of multiple dimensions
  • Access door available with matched colours
  • Adhesive tape for junctions and repair
  • Propane heat rifle and hoses


  20' x 300' 8mil UVI

  40’ x 85’   8mil UVI

  32' x 100'  8mil UVI

* 32' x 70'   9mil UVI

* Flame retardant

Shrink Tape

2' x 180’ 9mil

Shrink Tape

4' x 180’ 9mil

Shrink Tape

6' x 180’ 9mil